About Us

Our Mission

To provide organic and natural solutions for all lawn, gardens, for home, business or commercial use.  We are all stewards of the earth, and if we can use natural and organic solutions to maintain the safety for people, animals and the earth, why wouldn't we?

Our Story

Twelve years ago the owner of a successful landscaping business stumbled upon an idea to use d-Limonene (citrus-oil) as a way to kill unwanted weeds in a natural and organic manner.

After perfecting the formula, he filed patents for a Ready-To-Use, Concentrate and Agricultural version of what is now called Avenger Weed Killer.

Now twelve years later, his new company, Cutting Edge Formulations, manufactures and sells safe and effective natural and organic pesticides and fertilizers all under the Avenger brand.

These products include, Avenger® Weed Killer, AvengerAG® Burndown Herbicide, Avenger Organics Natural Bed Bug Killer, Avenger Organics Natural Bug and Insect Killer, Avenger Organics Pure Kelp Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer, Avenger Organics 2-3-1 Liquid Fish Fertilizer and Avenger Organics 3-2-3 Organic Granular Fertilizer.

Avenger® Weed Killer
Won the coveted Green Thumb Award!

The Mailorder Gardening Association's (MGA) Green Thumb Award is awarded to outstanding new garden products available by mail or online. Winners of the 2008 MGA Green Thumb Awards were chosen by an independent panel of garden writers and editors. The winning products were selected based on their uniqueness, tech-nological innovation, ability to solve a gardening problem or provide a gardening opportunity, and potential appeal to gardeners.

Clayton Beaty, of Beaty Fertilizer Company, Inc and Mills Magic Rose Mix, played an integral part of submitting Nature's Avenger Organic Herbicide for this award. "I think it's a great product and thought it deserved to get recognized for being not only a "green product" but for actually working and being a great alternative to synthetic herbicides on the market," said Mr. Beaty.

The awards are sponsored by the Mailorder Gardening Association, the world's largest nonprofit association of companies that sell garden products directly to consumers.